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I'm Randal

I'm running to represent all Camas residents.

I would love to meet you at an upcoming town hall.


6-8 PM

Virtual Event
RSVP for Zoom link

FRIDAY (11/3)


6-8 PM

Attic Gallery,
421 NE Cedar St., Camas

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Meet Randal

Painting by Anna Norris



Randal is an accomplished advocate and visionary leader who is determined to give residents the tools they need for Camas to be a city that thrives in every aspect.

Randal's robust career in policy-making and community engagement uniquely equips me to take on the role of Camas Mayor. His candidacy stems from a deep commitment to positive change, collaborative problem-solving, and responsible governance.

Randal's vision centers on creating a future where Camas stands as a model of sustainable growth, supported by accountable leadership that values citizen input and collaborates with partners.

His candidacy is a call to reimagine the city's potential, protect its natural resources, and ensure that every resident's voice is heard.

Through a combination of experience, passion, and a strong community-oriented approach, Randal aims to pave the way for a vibrant and prosperous Camas.

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Vision for Our Future 

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 8.49.33 AM.jpeg

Lead a community-collaborative effort to create a  fresh vision for Camas, especially our entire downtown, reflective of our great potential.

Consider a new Volunteer Coordinator to enable and unleash our hardworking and creative Camasinians.

Accountable Government


We deserve a government capable of following through on its commitments. The things we need now that I will deliver on as mayor are well known:

  • Housing availability

  • An affordable community pool

  • Cleaner lakes

  • Mill cleanup

Protect Open Spaces and Natural Resources


Protect our wonderful lakes and forests and expand recreation opportunities including trails and a public pool. Hire a City Forester primarily using existing Water Fund money.





Incorporate all lands within Camas into future needs and obligations under Washington planning laws.

Ensure that the non-operational Camas Mill land is cleaned suitably for future reuse - protective of existing jobs.

Excellent Stewardship of Budget and Infrastructure


Properly manage and maintain our public infrastructure, including the city budget and our roads, utilities and buildings.

Camas should have City Hall and Fire Headquarters buildings that are not in disrepair and unprepared for an earthquake.

Create a Youth Council


Create a Youth Council so that our students can learn and participate in shaping their town’s future. We can all benefit from the perspective of the coming generations.


Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I am always open to a constructive talk.


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Let's talk!

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